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PHP for Beginners – Part 5

Hey Guys!!!  This is the last part of the tutorial series. In this tutorial you will learn to create a database, connect your database with PHP, and query the database(MySql) using SQL to insert,update,delete records. If you

PHP for Beginners – Part 4

Hey Folks ! In this part we will be learning how to use super global variables,submit forms and receive its values, storing session values and cookies. Before we get going I suggest you get a basic knowledge

PHP for Beginners – Part 3

Hey Folks! In this part of the tutorial we will be seeing how to create functions,  play with single and multidimensional arrays and String related functions. These are the backbone of any programming language. Almost 80% of

PHP for Beginners – Part 2

Hey Guys !! In our Previous Blog PHP for Beginners – Part 1 you have learnt about the basics of variable, operators and data type, now its the time to put it in action. This Blog includes: If, Switch, for,