Introducing WhatsApp RESTAPI ( UnOfficial ). In this Tutorial, you will see How to use PHPHive’s UnOfficial WhatsApp RESTAPI.
You can Easily Send & Receive WhatsApp Messages from your Free Web Hosts without Installing any Custom Extension’s.


Introducing WhatsApp RESTAPI

Prerequisite :-

  1. PHPHive WhatsApp RESTAPI Token , Get it From http://wapi.phphive.info/console/
  2. WhatsApp PasswordRefer : https://www.phphive.info/255/get-whatsapp-password/


Q : How can i use it?

Ans : You Just need to Fire a Simple HTTP POST Request on our API Url with Your PHPHive WhatsApp RESTAPI Token.
API Token can be Obtained from http://wapi.phphive.info/console/ For Free.

PHP Snippet for Sending Messages

Sample Output : 

PHP Snippet for Receiving Messages

Sample Output : 

Q : Is There any Daily Limit for Using this API ?

Ans : No! There’s No Daily Limit. But Spamming is Obviously Not allowed. We are keeping records of IP’s, if we find someone Spamming our Service then that IP will be Banned.

Note : We are Just Trying to Implement Security Measures to prevent WhatsApp Account Block. But there’s no Surety for Same. Accounts may get Blocked ! Use at Your Own Risk.


Enjoy 🙂

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